You’ll pay more for that

Photo by Chasefx photo 

Theme of the week?  You’ll pay more for that. All I want is a good home, in a good neighborhood, with a good school district, and nearby water. But I guess I am of the class that isn’t allowed good things because I just keep hearing that I cannot afford it.

It seems following the rules, showing up to work everyday, and working hard isn’t enough to secure you a good life for your family. I am good at my job. Awesome actually. So good, I do my job and the jobs of several other people. Somehow, hard work isn’t enough.

I want to live in a small coastal town where I can feel safe letting my child play in the front yard and where we can spend Saturdays swimming without fear of contamination poisoning. Apparently, my husband and I don’t make enough money for that. 

Test scores are low as well as the rate of students entering a four-year college in every single neighborhood we can afford. Teachers need salaries and the former middle class can’t afford them so students in middle to lower class neighborhoods go under-educated. Seems education is a luxury ’round these parts. 

Don’t get me wrong, I fully understand that my middle-classness puts me at a strong advantage over the poor folks trying to raise their kids up to middle class status. I know that as nervous as I am for my son’s safety it’s nothing compared to the mom raising her kids in a poor inner city neighborhood but that doesn’t diminish the sentiment. Why should anyone have to pay extra for safety, security, and a good education for their children?


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