Be grateful that you have the rich to tolerate your middle-classness 

There’s this commonly-held belief that when you don’t have wealth (of the dollar variety) you should be grateful for any little thing you have. As if you didn’t deserve even that much. 

The belief is that when you cannot afford to own a house you should be grateful that a landlord is willing to rent to you. And if they want to kick you out to make room for their son and his new wife, be sure to appreciate the entirety of the 30 days they graciously provide you to find a new home. Understand that they expected the house repainted before you left so be grateful for the bill you’ll get instead of your deposit returned. 

When you find another such generous soul to rent to you, you should be grateful to pay rent even if your family suffers periodic bouts of salmonella because the fridge that came with the house keeps breaking and the landlord is far too busy and important to fix it. You should be grateful for the broken fridge. You could have no fridge at all.

You should be grateful for the 60-hour work week and the time away from your child because lots of people are unemployed. You should be happy for all those hours you work while still finding no way to make ends meet. Be grateful for the execs who force you to work holidays and weekends to earn them their end of year bonuses while you struggle to keep the broken fridge stocked with food to feed your child.

Honestly, it doesn’t matter who wins the election. It’s all just a game of thrones between a group of wealthy people who either have no idea or have forgotten what it’s like to have to feed your kids McDonald’s because the big box meal is $12 while buying a healthy, fresh dinner is upwards of $30 and you have to pay the daycare to watch your kids so you can work the 60-hour work week that gets you no closer to ok.

But you should be grateful for them because they’re going to make this country great again while taxing the middle class who, in their minds, aren’t paying enough for the privilege to live “free” and work to support that “free” life. 


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