My kid hates brushing his teeth; and other battles we fight daily

Every day starts and ends the same: the battle for good oral hygiene. We get his toothbrush ready and he runs away. We even turn on toothbrush app to make him think it’s a game. To no avail. 

Invariably,  he wails and fights. When that doesn’t work he moves on to distraction. He’ll try anything, even talking to us about Super Mario Bros, Yokai, or Angry Birds. This goes on for a couple of rounds until he begrudgingly ends up brushing his teeth.

I’d like to say this is our only battle.  I’d like to say that. However, he is still my son; the product of 2 super strong-willed people who excel in stubbornness, so this is not the only battle. 

He battles everything. Cleaning his room. Clearing his dish. Eating. Side note: he even argues against eating the food he picked out. Yup,  he’s a stubborn little guy with the ability to argue his point. I’m not gonna lie and say it doesn’t get frustrating.  Honestly, most time I want to pull my hair out or hit my head against the wall or just just give in because it’s easier than dealing with the histrionics. 

But I can’t do any of that. I’m a mom and my job is too teach him to be a good person and to stand on his own two feet. If I’m being honest, as irritating as it is to be in the middle of these battles, I have to recognize that my baby boy is developing reasoning skills and a sense of self, and as much as I may want to lock him in room until he learns how to bend to my will, my job is to teach him how to express himself in a reasonable non-histrionic way.

Please pass the manual.


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