One day my boy will be a teenager…I’m scared 

Not to sound like ones of those old people at the park lamenting their lost youth and complaining about the lazy, disrespectful youth of today, but teens today are awful. They’re nastier and dirtier than I ever remember teens being “back in my day”.  

I blame the internet and cell phones. And maybe even our parents for making our live easier than theirs.  I also blame current parents for making our kids’ lives too easy. 

I just learned today that kids are using fruit emojis for sexual innuendo.  Fruit!  If you can’t trust cartoon fruit on your kid’s phone, what can you trust?  Granted, I’m a little late to this emoji knowledge bomb party, but in my defense, my kid is only 5 and forbidden to have a cell or a girlfriend until he’s 30. Nonetheless, I am shocked and appalled, mostly at the 2nd part of this newly acquired knowledge, these texts start as early as age 12.

Twelve!  Hear it with me, 12. Know what I was doing at 12? Reading Babysitters Club books, riding my bicycle, and watching MMC on Disney channel.

On top of that, all this easy access to data and social media has created a mob-belief that children are more self-important and possibly more famous than children really should believe themselves to be. They also seem to think they’re older and more mature than they are. They think and behave as if they are tiny adults.  All of this is a recipe for disaster and we don’t help matters. 

Parents today want to be their kids’ bff. I admit it, I watched every minute of Gilmore Girls thinking, when I have kids I will be Lorelei. But then I started seeing where being your kid’s bff gets your kid, and that scares me.

One day my precious loveable little boy will be a teenager and that scares me. Number 1: I’m scared he will become numb to all the sex and violence in the media. Number 2: I’m scared what even more technology and even more “everyonr gets a trophy” will do to the already dangerous levels of self-importance and entitlement of each new set of teens and young adults. 


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